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How To Create A Peaceful Effect In Your Living Space

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How To Create A Peaceful Effect In Your Living Space

April 22, 2019 By HourStyle Team

Most of the time, everyday things would keep us out of the house: shopping, work, errands, school, travel, etc. There are moments when we just look forward to just staying inside our home and just forget about everything else even just for a short while. Home is supposed to be the place where we can relax and simply unwind- a place where we can enjoy inner peace and just be ourselves. Therefore, it is very important to have a very serene space. There are many ways to achieve this.


Natural/Fresh Smell
Scented houseplants or freshly cut flowers like Hyacinth or Jasmine could make your home as sweet-smelling as a garden. Burners with Essential oil drops can be used as alternate. There are many scents for you to choose from (orange, lemon, vanilla, lavender, etc.) Using air freshener is ok but there’s a downside to it since it has chemicals and could possibly coat your nasal passages.

Candles could be a great mood lighting source. For an increased lighting option range, you may want to fit in Dimmer Switches.

Positive Energy
To create a sense of energy and spaciousness, the middle of the room must be kept clear.

Good Circulation
Toxin concentration tends to build more inside the house as compared outside. Windows must be opened regularly for your home to be constantly well ventilated. This would also reduce the chance of catching cold or flu.

You must be able to change your cushion’s colour according to your mood.

Red – commonly associated with fire

Orange – great for meditation, transcendence and spirituality

Yellow - boosts optimism and is often associated with sunlight

Green - connects with nature and create a sense of harmony

Blue – convey tranquillity, freedom and openness

Indigo – reminds us of the depths of the ocean which adds a sense of mystery to a house interior

Violet - symbolizes “the inner eye” which is the spiritual vision center

An Aquarium
There are many people who feel soothed when they watch the aquarium’s silent world. If you cannot afford to get one, a simple bowl with just a few goldfish would suit just fine.

Landscape Paintings
Paintings bring out a wonderful openness to any room.

Clear out the clutter
Sort out cupboards, drawers and wardrobes. Any kind of rubbish which has accumulated should be thrown away. You need to be neat. Dishes must be put in the dishwasher, towels must be hung well and make it a point to regularly make the bed. For the house to stay tidy, always put everything in its right place.

Make it a point to wipe counters off every day, even just for a few minutes. More time can be set for this during weekends. If you’re too busy to handle this, you can always hire a house cleaner if you can afford one.

For safety measures, you must make sure that you have your own smoke alarm. Regular test must be done for this.

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