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3 Quick and Easy Updates for the Festive Season

Home Blog 3 Quick and Easy Updates for the Festive Season

3 Quick and Easy Updates for the Festive Season

January 27, 2019 By HourStyle Team
With Hari Raya round the corner, we’ve been thinking about sharing tips on refreshing the home. The thing is, instead of taking on a complicated project, you can do little changes (and not so big ones too) that can be completed in just a few hours. We’ve spotted some great décor trends for 2019 that we
personally love and think you might find valuable.

Rearrange your accessories
Decor idea for Malay home
(Credit:  My House of Ideas -

Do you have photographs and accessories placed throughout your home? This time, try clustering them together. Experiment by combining tall crystal vases, curvy lamps and Moroccan glasses on one console. Alternatively, simplify your décor by displaying a few pieces and keeping the rest in storage.
Change your wall colour
Wall painting colour for Islamic home
(Credit: Little Liberty - 
If you find your white walls boring this year, a fast update is to repaint a wall or two. In colour psychology, blue, green and brown evoke calm while red is an energising colour.

Makeover your furniture
(Image source: Decorating Files –

Solid wood furniture are durable and beautiful so much so that they are handed down from one generation to the next. But, sometimes, they can look outdated. You can give yours a new lease on life with bright, glossy paint just like this cabinet. Try this idea out with a small side table or console to turn it into a statement piece.

Bring in plants and tropical prints 
Plants are pleasing to the eye and awesome for cleaning indoor air. But if you don’t have time for plants, you can still bring in the feel of nature into your living room with tropical prints in soft furnishings like rugs and cushions.

If you try these tips, do share a picture of your home here with us. We’d love to see it!
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